Are you holding on to rare coins but aren't sure if you should keep them locked up or put them out for sale? You'll want to know what the coins are worth, if the market for rare coins is currently hot or cold, and what will be the easiest way to get the most money. Here are a few of the things you want to do to make sure your coins are real and valuable and to determine their value.

Get the Coins Graded

Take the coins to a professional coin grader to see what they are worth. The grader will look at the composition of each coin, the condition, the rarity, the year it was made, and more to determine what they think that the coin is worth and what you could sell it for. You may also want to get a certificate that proves the coin has been inspected and verified.

You can find people that do this at local gold or rare coin stores, and also online. If you send your coins to anyone, make sure that the coins are insured and that the coin inspector and appraiser is reputable and verified.

Look at Comparable Coins for Sale

Get online and go in coin stores to look at comparable coins for sale. This will let you see if it's worth what the appraisal stated and what you could get for the coin if you had it put on the market for sale that day. There are some companies that will sell the coins for you, but they'll take a commission on the sale. You may be able to sell the coins together to get a large lump sum, depending on what coins are the most valuable and what the buyers are looking for when you list the coins.

There are a lot of different ways that you can get the coins listed online or through a local coin dealer, but make sure that you are getting the full amount of what the coins are worth and that you are selling at a good time. Keep the coins in a lock box or safe if you worry about keeping such valuable items around the home. You may want to wait until the rare coin market is up or until more time passes and the coins become more rare and valuable because you'll be able to get even more for the coins that people want to add to their collections.